Looking at the available degassing systems which are going to be obsolete as the environment norms will become stricter in the next decade as per Montreal Protocol (Treaty), because of the use of Fluorine and Chlorine for removing the, impurities such as Ca, Mg salts and other elements of the earth as inclusions from the molten metal as the ozone layer is getting depleted and process becomes more cumbersome and hazardous as producer of greenhouse effect which is in fact, 23,600 times higher as compared to COx and NOx. ULSONIK is an eco-friendly system to degasify, purify and refine metals and alloys. In particular, a system which facilitates an improvement of metallurgical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of metals and alloys by degassing, purifying and refining process for castings of metals and alloys in an eco-friendly way using a patented technology. Moreover, some degassing units existing with Ultrasonic Systems are either coupled with vacuum degassing or with rotary degassing or with vacuum and rotary both. None of the units exist with standalone systems which can work in all the environments with same efficiency and ease of operation except ULSONIK for industrial use. Furthermore, the parts of ULSONIK are made up of special materials with unique concept along with universal degree of freedom movement. Such concept is developed for the continuous production of metals and alloys castings. The ULSONIK can be used either within furnace or within launders / conduits / gutters / channels / passage for metals and / or alloys to the downstream side of furnace. The perfect solution to the challenges – ULSONIK! A complete treatment along with highly efficient degassing to nullify the detrimental defects of quality of metals and alloys produced by achievement of below objectives:

  • Maximum reduction of dissolved gases precipitation which exists within melt and hence, reduction in large amount of porosities to almost NIL level.
  • Maximum reduction of impurities which exist within melt.
  • Maximum enhancement of mechanical, metallurgical, galvanic, electrical and thermal properties of metals and alloys.
  • Maximum savings of cost and energy.
  • Minimum supervision and maintenance.
  • Maximum safety along with ease of operation.
  • Healthy and environment friendly process.

Benefits of ULSONIK